How to Cook Chè đậu Xanh đánh (Green Bean Dessert)

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Fry green beans on a pan fry, with light fires, make sure don't let it burn

Rise through green beans with cold water 3-4 times, then leave it hot water for 2 hours

Put green beans to a rice cooker and cook it just like rice

Other ingredientscondensed coconut milk, coconut water, flour, milk, put them all to a pan fries and fry them for 3-4 mins

Take the green bean out of the rice cooker, put them into a blender together with some coconut water, blend it!

Mixed the green beans with other ingredients that already in the pan fry, then continue fry & stir until they mix & condense well

Pour it to a bowl & leave it for 1 hour until it cool down

After it cool down, you can continue leave it in the fridge, then you can enjoy them with crushed ice.

This is my first guide and my English is not perfect. Please leave comment if you don't understand, I will try my best to explain

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