How to Do a Colorful Smokey Eyeshadow- Pink's & Purple

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I am using BH cosmetics palette for this guide. You can use your pink and purple eyeshadows you have. Also you need a white shadow to highlight your brow bone.

These are the colors I am using2nd row bottom, 3rd row 2nd from bottom, and 1st row the first one on the top.

Colors of the eyeshadow we are using.

This is my eye primer from Kanebo- Lunasol . Color - neutral. Apply all over your eyelid first.

Apply the primer all over with your clean ring finger.

Jumbo pencil- white in color. You can use other white pencil just make sure it's creamy so it will hold colors and pop.

Applying NYX white jumbo pencil. The purpose is for long lasting color.

This is what a flat brush looks like for the all over lower lid application.

If you don't have all over brush, this is your alternative- a sponge brush.

Applying lower lid shadow using sponge applicator.

These are three different pencil brushes you can use (l-R) sephora brand, no brand, Mac brand. Either three will work for this guide.

Applying the 2nd color into the crease of the eye.

Black eyeliner from MAC called engraved. You can use your own. Lined your eyes after all the shadows are done. Both upper and lower lash.

Finishing touch with the last eye color.

The finish look. Thanks for watching. Any comments or suggestions for future guide, I will be happy to attempt.

As promise here is the pix.

Watch the video: Pink and Purple Halo Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

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