How to Tile and Grout a Bathroom

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For how to mix mortar or grout skip ahead to step 7.

Mix mortar in bucket (or use premixed thinset as I did) and place some mortar on flat edge

Apply mortar using flat edge.

Drag ribbed edge along mortar to create notches.

For best results placing tiles on a wall, screw a 2x4 onto the wall and place tiles on top of the wood. Use a level to make sure th 2x4 is level before placing tiles

After placing tiles (I did not have room for tile spacers as this is fixing someone else's mess) clean off any extra thinset - once it sets you will have a lot of trouble getting it off

Wash your hands and wait for the mortar to dry. Use the money you saved by not hiring a contractor on a nice dinner. - will update to show grouting/mixing grout on my lunch break.

Utility bucket, sanded white grout, face mask , putty knife and mixer (not used)

I'm using white grout so I NEEDED to clean the bucket so that the grout matches existing white grout.

Put mask on, pour grout in bucket and add SOME water. Mix with putty knife. This grout needs more water.

When the grout gets to about this consistency you have added enough water. Mix and let sit for 10 min. If you added a bit too much water let it sit longer.

Place some grout on the float

Strike tiles at about 45 degree angle and apply pressure as you drag (making sure the grout gets all the way into the space between tiles).

Once your done get a bucket of water and a sponge. Wring sponge VERY dry.

Lightly drag sponge across surface of the tiles, washing off excess grout often.

Wash off excess grout. And repeat previous step again after 15 min. And again after about an hour .

Use grout sealer after about 2 days to make it more resistant to water damage. You're done congrats!

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