How to Make an Origami Pastel Star

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Start with a strip of paper. These can be bought at most craft supply places.

Take one end of the strip and put it over the other.

Put one end through the loop, sort of like tying a knot.

Pull the knot to one end so that a small section is left.

Press the knot flat.

Fold the small section over.

You should now have a pentagon with a long tail. Take the tail and fold it into the pentagon, folding the last bit into the flap.

Pinch one point of the pentagon.

Do the same to the last 4 points.

Yay!! A star!

Make more!

String them into a necklace! Be creative! There is a lot of things you can do with this! For example I made a design on my wall with about 75 stars.

Here's a display that I put on my wall.

The full view :)

Watch the video: How to make lucky paper stars

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