How to Origami Shuriken

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Take a sheet of paper and fold it in half, then cut (or rip) along the middle of the paper, creating two halves.

Fold both halves along the middle, but do not cut it into four halves.

Now fold both of them again vertically!

Next, fold the two vertical strips horizontally and unfold.

Fold at an angle along the horizontal fold.

Flip it over and fold squares towards the diamond.

Fold the two squares into a triangle shape towards the diamond, for a verbal explanation watch the video above.

Now arrange them on top of each other with the edges clockwise.

Now, clockwise, fold the triangle under the next one clockwise.

Repeat step nine.

The last fold is tricky, you have to bring the last one over the third one, and under the first one.

You're done!

BONUSWhy not color it?

Watch the video: How To Make a Paper Ninja Star 2 Shuriken - Origami

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