How to Make a Paper Pinwheel

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Fold a square of paper (any size) diagonally as shown and cut along lines leaving a space uncut in the center.

Cut along 4 lines and place large glue dot in center.

Bring the corner of one section to the middle of the paper and attach in the glue dot.

Do this with all 4 sections.

Add wooden skewer to glue dot as shown. Use a new glue dot if needed.

Add a large button to the center with another glut dot. Want it to spin? Overlap all four corners in center, punch hole.. Attach with brad. Add skewer to back of brad with glue dot.

I attached my pinwheels to my kid's Easter baskets and added a large initial tag. The pinwheel makes it do much cuter! See more ideas on my blog.

Watch the video: How to make a Paper Windmill for Kids - Windmill making Tutorial Pinwheel


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