How to make a kilt pin

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Gather your supplies; you will need chain nose and round nose pliers

Start to wire wrap the beads

Bend the wire away from you and down the back of the pliers

Turn the pliers at a 90 degree angle - like this so the pliers are sitting on top of the wire

Bring the wire back over the top and towards the front of the plier

Now turn the pliers again at a 90 degree angle, this allows room for the wire wrapping stage

Start to bend the wire like this

Use pliers to help wind the wire around the stem of the headpin

Open a jump ring to attach the chain to the kilt pin rings

Cut the chain at various lengths

Attach the beads and charms as you go

Cute tea cups!!!

Ta dah!!!! Thanks for watching from The Bead Boutique

Watch the video: Clan Badge as Kilt Pin???

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