How to make your own sourdough levain

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This recipe assumes that you already have sourdough.

Mix 150 g of flour, 150 g of lukewarm water and 100 g of sourdough. Let it ferment under cover for 5-6 hours. Wait until it's bubbly and about twice the size, that's when the pre-ferment is ready.

Time to make your chief. Mix 300 g of flour and 300 g of lukewarm water with the pre-ferment. Let it ferment for another 8-12 hours.

When it's bubbly with a thin layer of foam, your chief is ready. Use your kitchen machine to mix 800 g of flour and 400 g of water with the chief for 10 minutes. Add 15 g of salt when 2 min remain.

Put your dough in a box greased with a thin layer of rapeseed oil, let it ferment under lid for another two hours. Fold the edges of the dough towards the middle a couple of times during fermenting.

Put the dough on a floured surface and divide it in two. Now gently fold the long sides towards the middle to form a loaf. (Weird lighting from above adds an up-lifting special effect.)

Put the loafs on a greaseproof paper and let them ferment for 30 minutes under a towel. Set the oven at 275 degrees.

Turn the oven down to 250 degrees and in with the bread! Throw 2-3 icecubes at the bottom of the oven. After 10 minutes, turn the oven down to 200 degrees.

When the inner temperature has reached 96 degrees Celsius (205 F) your bread is ready. Take it out and let it cool of under a towel on a grid.

Enjoy your nice warm slices with butter and cheese. Simple as that, folks!

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