How to make a giant bow

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Measure and cut your ribbon for a 4ft (1m) bow you'll need: 10 ft (3m) long piece x 3 and 8 ft (2m) long piece x2

Cut your wire into 10 pieces that are 12 in (30 cm) long

Fold a 10ft (3m) piece of ribbon in half. Mark the center. Fold either end of the ribbon to the center ensuring they overlap 2in-4in (5cm-10cm)

Cinch together where the ribbon is overlapped in the center and secure with wire.

Repeat step 3 & 4 with another 10ft (3m) piece of ribbon

Angle the 10ft (3m) pieces of ribbon on top of each other. Secure with wire.

Repeat steps 3 to 6 with your 8ft (2m) pieces of ribbon. You will now have two bows.

Place the smaller bow on top of and in the center of the larger bow. Secure them together with wire

Take your third piece of 10ft (3m) long ribbon and fold it in half. Wrap the center around the middle of your bow. Secure it with wire.

Have one person hold the bow in place in between two enclosure rods. Using wire, affix the bow on either side to the enclosure rods.

For an extra touch wrap the ribbon around your trampoline net. Use wire to attach either end of the ribbon to the center of your bow once it’s wrapped around the net.

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