How to make the simplest dulce de leche

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One can of sweetened condensed milk. This milk is sweeter and thicker than both regular milk and evaporated milk.

Create openings on opposite sides of the can.

Pour a small amount of milk into a bowl. After the dulce de leche is made, use this sample for contrast.

Place can in saucepan. Gently add water to 3/4 of the height of the can. Bring water to boil and then IMMEDIATELY reduce the heat to create the smallest bubbles.

CAUTION: Do not boil can, it may explode. Use the lowest heat setting that will create gentle bubbles. The aim is to have slow heat over a long period.

When water reduces to less than one inch, remove from saucepan. When cooled, open the can and pour into container. Do not leave the contents in the can as it may rust from the contact with water.

Dulce de Leche is darker and thicker than the original milk. Thanks for viewing. For awesome napkins, please click on

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