How to make sure your privacy is secure on ios 7

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•Some important steps to make sure your Privacy is secured before you start using your iPhone/iPad

•Disable Frequent Locations & any other app you do not require to use your location.Apple & other apps basically gather data/information from your locations.

•Go to Settings>Privacy>Location Services>System Services,disable Frequent Locations(will have to scroll down a bit).Also recommend to disable the following:Diagnostics & Usage and Location Based iADS

•Turn on the Status Icon on the same page to know which apps when enabled in Location services are using your current location.This way you can manage which apps to keep on/off under Location Services

•You should also turn On Limit Ad Tracking,by going to Settings > Privacy and scroll to the bottom & click on Advertising to enable it.

•Now go to Settings > Safari and under Privacy & Security,enable Do Not Track.

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