How to cook potatoes in foil

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This is what I used! I'm making 3 patches. Serves 3-4 depending how hungry you are! Supplies are for 1 patch.

Slice the potatoes! Place them on a piece of aluminum foil. ( Heavy duty is better ) about a 10-12" piece.

Slice the onion.

Slice the garlic.

Place the onions in between the potatoes slices.

Place the garlic in between onions and potatoes.

Spread the bacon grease on the potatoes.

I saved the bacon grease from making this recipe.

Place the butter on top.

Add some salt and pepper.

Wrap up the foil to seal the steam in.

I bend the edges about 1/2" and fold a couple of times until I reach the potatoes.

I fold the ends up tight.

Ready for the oven or grill. On a hot grill cook for about 30-45mins . In the oven at 375*F for about 1 hr. Turn them over every 15-20 mins.

When opening package, BE CAREFUL THE STEAM IS HOT!! Hope you enjoy this!

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