How to make flour & sugar jars

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Start by grabbing some jars of your choice size at your local craft or decor store. Wipe them down with rubbing alcohol and let dry.

Next, we used the Martha Stewart glass spray kit, so we started to set that up with the silver color we chose.

Next apply the rubber sticker decals and tape off the edges. After you've taped them, cover in plastic bags and cut a whole for the area you want to spray, this way you don't get over spray.

Originally, we tried painting it on with a foam brush, but the spray kit was a lot easier and more even. But this is the way the decals and paint should look when you let it dry.

Once it's started to dry carefully remove the tape and plastic. Then slowly remove the decals and let it continue to dry.

Repeat the same process on any other jars you'd like!

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