How to make a comic based canvas

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Get your favorite comic book, and photo copy some of your favorite scenes in there. Remember to photo copy it in black and white.

Make a cup of tea or coffee. In my case I used tea. After making the tea, soak up the photocopied comic strip, using the tea bag. To give an ancient and rustic look.

Like this

Leave it out to dry, for about 2-3 hours.

After the comic strip dries, get a canvas. Mines is a 30x40cm canvas.

It's best to plan out where to put your comic strips on.

After planning it out, get out the comic strips and fill the whole canvas with water(PVA) glue. Make sure to not forget where you want to place the comic strips.

Start sticking on the comic strips, remember to stick down any flaps and sides.

You'll get something like this.

Then start putting a second layer of glue to flatten the comic strips, and stick down any lose parts. Leave it to dry for about an hour

And your done:) you could then paint anything on top of the canvas!

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