How to make julia child's historic creme caramel

Prepare your ingredients.

Let's start with preparing the caramel. Put sugar into a small saucepan.

Add about ¼ cup of water to sugar just to wet it. Adjust where necessary.

More or less like so.

Heat strongly till caramelized. Note: Depending on heat, sugar will boil approximately 5 -10 minutes before caramelizing or browning starts.

Important: Remember to check boiling sugar often. Don't stir with metal spoon. To stir, only swirl the sauce pan. Otherwise the spoon would only slow down the heating process and it gets all sticky.

Before sugar gets browned, start boiling milk.

Slowly does it.

Then start cracking 6 whole eggs plus 5 yolks. Keep the egg whites aside to make meringue if you will, as found in my "Meringue Filled with Pistachios and Orange" guide and some others in Snapguide.

Don’t allow milk to overboil, it's easy to overflow and make a mess.

When milk skin begins to be visible just slightly on milk...

...add pure vanilla extract and stir.

Meanwhile, the sugar should now be just nicely caramelized. Be careful, you've to be quick here coz it gets overdone easily after this point.

So quickly pour into a medium-sized oven-proof container that you'll need for your final step later on. (Don't throw the caramel residue. Add cocoa, milk and boil - you'll get instant hot cocoa 😉).

Swirl container around to let caramelized sugar to cool down...

...and harden up.

Now for the egg mix - put sugar in a small mixing bowl,

add yolks,

and whole eggs.

Whip till smooth consistency or slightly lighter in color.

Ready? You can whip some more if you like.

Next, pour and tamper heated milk into egg mixture. By tampering, egg lumps are prevented in preparation. You may also use a strainer to strain any possible insolubles in milk while pouring. I didn't.

Tip: Tampering is a method of adding milk a portion at a time into egg mix to bring up temperature of eggs without making scrambled eggs out of them. Stir the mix after each addition,

...and repeat procedure.

Then the rest of milk can be added into the egg mix.

Pour prepared mix into final bowl where you've swirled the caramel in. Use a ladle to reduce turbulence in pouring...

...and place bowl onto heat proof tray. Set oven to 175℃.

Fill tray ½ way with boiling water (By doing this you'll avoid spilling hot water unless you try to slide tray already filled, into oven). Bake for about 45-60 mins depending on oven.

Allow to cool and place in fridge for 3-4 hours or better still, overnight - if you can wait "patiently" that is. (No wonder they served it to warded patients - pun intended 😁)

When set, overturn the whole bowl onto a serving tray or, scoop out a portion at a time into smaller serving plates. Enjoy, bon a petit and always be kind. This guide is also dedicated to all mums.

Watch the video: Julia u0026 Jacques Cooking at Home Creamy Desserts

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