How to make a simple beautiful leather bracelet

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There are lots of different colors in this thin leather cord. You should be able to find it at any craft store.

These are lobster clasps with the jump rings attached to them. I am using rose gold.

I also like using these clasps and sometimes I can find them for a cheaper price.

Here are the "beads" I chose. (Also in rose gold)

First get an estimate of your wrist size. Mine was about 7 inches.

You are going to double the strand and tie knots in you want to add a few inches (10) and then double it. I cut a total of 20 inches to give me room for error

Thread the cord through the jump ring on the clasp.

Tie a knot to secure. Starts like so...

Loop the clasp through...

Ta da! Get the knot nice n close to the top.

Thread your beads.

Now measure again and see how big you want your bracelet.

I like to make two knots (same as the one made with the clasp) so I can have two different sizes.

Size #1

Size #2

There you go! Super easy! (Here I have 2 of them on)

Watch the video: Simple Leather Bracelet

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