How to bake cream cheese muffins

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Before you start, put paper cups into your muffin pan. I used brown one for color match!

And preheat your oven at 180°C.

Make your electric scale shows 0 gram with a bowl on it.

Put butter & cream cheese in the bowl and mix it until creamy state.

Add sugar little by little (about 50 grams each) and mix them. Stop mixing when you don't hear noises from sugar.

Add eggs to the bowl. Also little by little. It's much better if you put egg yellow first because eggs and butter are not careful!

Take another bowl. Sift all powders - cake flour, almond powder, baking powder - in that bowl.

Add the powder to the butter & egg mixture and the vanilla oil, too! Smells good.

Mix altogether carefully. You need to make a big circle along the side of the bowl first and then make a straight line in the center for 3~4 times. Please be gentle for soft, light muffins.

And fill a prepared piping bag. Much easier with a big, tall cup! You can also use a spoon or ice cream scoop.

No need to use a tip. Just cut the end of the bag.

Fill 2/3 up!

Set a timer....18~20 min would be perfect but it depends.

Bake in the middle rack.

While waiting, got things to clean...omg

Get them out of the oven when you see brown color a little at the top.

Cool them for 20 min. Hang in there!

Ooooh looks good.

Some looks different but they're delicious, too!

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