How to make cinnamon/chocolate pull apart bread

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About 1/2 cup pecans

Chop pecans

One can pizza crust

2 teaspoon cinnamon

Line cookie sheet with parchment paper

Unroll pizza crust

To make a rectangle

Sprinkle brown sugar on crust

Sprinkle cinnamon on crust

Sprinkle semi-sweet chocolate chips on crust

Sprinkle chopped pecans

Roll crust to form a log

Place rolled log on parchment paper, seam side down

Get kitchen scissors

Cut diagonally sliced almost to bottom

Pull cut slices sideways to lean to alternating sides. Bake in oven for 20 minutes or until golden brown at 400 degrees

Meanwhile, place chocolate chips in microwaveable cup

Microwave until melted

Remove bread from oven and drizzle chocolate over bread.

Cinnamon/chocolate Pull Apart Bread

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