How to make mini beach tote treat holders

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Carefully cut a slit down the side of a 16 oz. plastic drink cup. Then cut off the top and bottom.

Create a template by tracing the flatten cup onto scrap card stock. Make sure to add an extra 1/2 inch to left end for overlapping.

Cut out traced shape correcting any imperfections as you go. (It doesn't have to be totally perfect.)

Trace your template onto your favorite patterned paper & cut out.

Create an accent strip by tracing the lower portion of your template onto a coordinating pattern paper. Use the traced line as a guide to cut your strip about 1/2 inch wide.

Do the same to the top to cut another accent strip. I cut mine from kraft card stock. The width should be about 3/4".

Make a fringed edge by making lots of little snips with scissors (or fringe scissors if you have them).

Adhere your original template closed with glue. While giving it a squeeze with one hand (to resemble the shape of a tote bag) create a template for the base by tracing onto scrap card stock.

Draw another oval about 1/4 inch larger than your traced one. (Again, doesn't have to be perfect.)

Use a craft knife to cut away the center.

Trace just the outer oval onto desired pattern paper. Cut out.

Flip it face down and trace the template's inner oval.

Make small snips with scissors all the way around, cutting just to the inner oval as shown.

Fold up the cut flaps. This forms the base of the tote bag.

Put double-sided tape along the inside bottom edge & right edge of main piece (I used 1/4 inch Scor-tape).

With base piece on table, start rolling the main piece around it as shown.

Adhere the right edge overlapping the left to finish off the tote shape.

This is how the bottom should look.

You'll notice I've inked the edges of my papers with a brown ink. Now we need to embellish our tote.

Use a thick tacky glue to adhere kraft fringe around top of tote.

Cut two ribbons approximately 10 inches long. Use fabric glue to adhere to each side of tote.

Twill ribbon works well and has a natural look.

Adhere the accent strip you cut earlier around the base of the tote. This covers the raw edges of the ribbon nicely.

Pop out small chipboard shapes and ink-distress the edges.

Adhere small charms to the chipboard pieces. I use E6000 adhesive.

Punch two small holes in the back of the tote and one hole in the front.

Insert silver eyelets and set with an eyelet setting tool. (I use the Crop-a-dile.) Thread an 18 inch piece of thin twine through the back two holes and pull the tails through the front hole.

Once the glue is dry, pierce a hole through the chipboard where the charm opening is.

Thread one tail of the twine through the charm/chipboard and the other tail above it. Tie tails into a bow.

Mix & match chipboard, charms and pattern papers when making your totes.

Try different ribbon colors too.

Put a few Summer themed goodies in the totes like a sunscreen, drink mix, sea shell chocolates, and a drink umbrella.

Now you're ready for a Summer party! For more inspiration, please visit my blog.

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