How to make a "fiona"

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Here are all of the ingredients that will be used. If you wish, you can add a natural sweetener like stevia or honey but to me it's sweet enough.

Add the chia seeds first, that way you can make sure everything gets ground up. Chia seeds contain fiber, omega-3's and protein. You CAN replace the chia seeds with ground flax seeds if you wish.

Peel and add the banana. The banana adds a creaminess to the smoothie.

Cut the apples in pieces and add them to the blender. Remove the seeds and stem before adding. You can peel the apple if you want to but I left the skins on.

Here's the kale mix. I removed it from the container and washed it before bagging it. If you don't want to use kale, you can use spinach or whatever green leafy vegetable you desire.

Add water. This is a 16.9 ounce bottle of water.

Add the frozen strawberries last. For any smoothie remember this order(liquids, solids, frozen things).

Here's what it looks like in the blender. I know I added the frozen strawberries before the spinach, I learned after making it. Lol

Here's what it looks like after it's blended. Yes it's green, but it's also sweet. Hide it in a container so they cannot see the color of it if your child REALLY hates veggies.


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