How to upcycle a dvd case

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These are the supplies you need to upcycle your DVD case into a travel pencil pad.

This is what your pencil pad will look like when it's completed. There's a pocket for paper and pencil inside, too!

Trace an object that is close to 3 inches for your sun.

Trim pieces of scrapbook paper into rays for your sun.

Arrange the sun on one background paper and glue in place. Trim away any pieces that hang over the edge. Add any decorations or phrases that you would like on the second background paper.

Use letter stickers to add a fun word to the front cover.

Insert the front and back covers into the DVD case.

Glue the flaps down on the back of your pocket, then smear glue all over the back of the pocket piece. Insert into the DVD case and press into place.

Add a notepad and a pencil into your case and it will be ready to sketch or write notes anytime you need something to do this summer.



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