How to make a sharky steam mop pad replacement

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Found a used steam mop at the thrift store but had no mop head and the price of replacements was higher than I could afford.

Did have old clean bath towel.

Center shark on full sheet of newspaper.

Fold over sides to gauge width. Newspaper was wide enough.

However other two sides longer.

Mark about 2 inches up.

Fold paper in half and then into quarter.

Used scissors to cut out pattern.

Unfold and you have your pattern.

Place the pattern on the towel.

I did not pin the pattern to the towel. You could, but I just cut away holding pattern in place as i went along.


Like this. Continue cutting slashes all the way around the entire diameter.

Now, you are going to make a drawstring from the bottom hem of an old tshirt.

Cut a 2 inch slash.

Like this.

And rip along the bottom of shirt to make a strip like this one.

Use a safety pin as a sewing needle (or you could just use your fingers).

Thread in and out of holes.

All the way around till you have made a bag.

Open it up.

Center the mop.

Tighten drawstring.

Make a pretty double knotted bow.

Oiula! Ready to steam mop. Let's give it a try...

Add water. Instructions say use distilled water but for my first run using tap water.

Plug it in. This model starts steaming within a minute.

Instructions say don't leave standing in one spot as hot steam could damage floors.

GROSS but it works!

Wash to reuse. Make sure you retie drawstring so you don't lose it in the wash.

Please "heart" this guide while I'll be steaming away at my yucky floors.

Watch the video: User Review Extolife 10 Pack Washable Steam Mop Pads Replacement for Shark Steam Pocket Mops S3..


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