How to make a diy fire pit

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DIY Fire Pit Total Cost: $64.00 Total Time: 2 Hours

I bought 2 Bags of pea gravel to use as the foundation. 3 bags of white rock were used around the pit. Total cost of 5 bags: $13.00

We decided on 24 pavers. Total cost of pavers: $51.00.

Lay out the base pavers toake sure you like the size. Next, use the shovel to edge out the center section.

In order for the pit to sit straight, we had to go a bit deeper on one side because the ground is slightly sloped.

Once you have the center dug out, lay the first row of pavers. Next lay the second row in the middle of 2 pavers.

Fill the center with pea gravel and spread evenly.

Decide how much trim you want around the fire pit and spread the white rock.

Finally, hose everything down to clean of the dirt from the rocks and pavers.

I plan to put an edge around the white rock to keep them in place. (So the lawn mower doesn't get them!)

I had these cheap stepping stones lying around and decided to make a walkway.

After seeing the finished product, we decided to add one more layer of pavers. Lowe's is closed so that photo will have to wait for another day!

We added one more layer of block making the total height about 18". Sorry I snapped this quick picture at dusk!

Watch the video: #233 Building HUGE fire rings for a viewer!

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